• Design
        1. Quality starts from concept and design.
        2. Renowned architects and design engineers are employed.
        3. Light, air and environment are considered while designing a house.
        4. Local cultures and practices are incorporated in the design.
        5. Safety, security and comfort are given due weight-age in the design.


      • Material
        1. All materials are procured from BSTI certified companies as far as possible like steel, cement etc.
        2. Bricks are sourced from local reputed manufacturers keeping in mind the salinity issue.
        3. Sand and stone chips are sourced directly from Bholaganj, Sylhet.
        4. Wood, tiles, sanitary, aluminium and electrical items etc are selected from the best available in the country.


      • Workmanship
        1. Skilled and tested manpower is employed for all kind of works.
        2. Workmanship is checked by qualified professionals at all levels.
        3. Modern equipment and techniques are used in all construction works.
        4. On job trainings are imparted to the site officials and the workers at the projects.


      • Monitoring
        1. Inspection is carried out at major supply sources.
        2. Inspection is also carried out upon delivery.
        3. Regular site supervision is carried out by in-house officials.
        4. Unscheduled checks and visits are carried out often.
        5. Third party (consultant) checks are carried out as per schedule.
        6. Clients observations given due considerations.


      • Safety
        1. Acme’s safety policy is very stringent and inclusive.
        2. Workers and project safety both are catered in the policy.
        3. Policies are strictly ensured at site.
        4. Project team members are regularly briefed by safety professionals.
        5. Workers are in turn briefed by the project officials.
        6. Measures are taken to ensure safest possible work environment.
        7. Clients opinion on safety is also given due considerations.
        8. BNBC is followed for construction safety.